Summer Essentials!


Whether your vacationing on an island this summer, up north for a weekend getaway or enjoying the city weather, there are certain must haves for the season that no one should be without.

Skin Care has become my #1 priority in my beauty regimen. You don’t have to spend a lot to nurture your skin however it is important to educate yourself on a variety of products and ingredients. We often get carried away and purchase skin care based on beauty blogger reviews and its reputation in the beauty industry, however not all products are targeted for our skin type, therefore seeing a dermatologist is highly recommended so that you become more knowledgeable.

As I get older my biggest fear is wrinkles and fine lines, especially due to sun exposure and although aging is inevitable, prepping and protecting with products will help the longevity of your skins health and natural glow.  With summer here, I amp up my skin care routine even more so then in the winter. I turn from a 15 SPF to a 30/60 SPF mixed in with my daily moisturizer. I take this all over my face down my neck over my decollete area and chest as well.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to protect those sensitive areas to prevent aging and skin damage.

The most common misconception I come across is “I don’t want to use such a high SPF because then I wont tan”. FALSE!!! I can guarantee you will tan, but most importantly you won’t burn nor stress your skin.

For those of you who can’t be exposed to the sun, don’t you fret!!! Achieving a sun kissed glow no longer requires beaching and sitting under the sun. Self tanners are available at your local drug store and gradually help you attain a beautiful summer tan with no heat nor jumping into a tanning bed. Tanning products by L’Oreal, Dove, Sally Hansen, Nivea and St. Tropez are just a few you can find.


Lucky enough for us makeup junkies, you can find SPF in an assortment of foundations, or my personal fave tinted moisturizers. Tinted moisturizer’s are my go to product year round, they are light weight, sheer to light coverage and natural looking, which is ideal for the summer month’s.  Please keep in mind that SPF foundations usually leave a white cast when photographing therefore for those who use foundations during the summer days I would recommend sticking to SPF foundations solely during the day and finding a non SPF foundation for night time.

Just like the blistering cold winter our lips also chap in the summer due to the heat. Protecting them is extremely easy with an SPF lip balm, or even lipsticks!!! This means you can still wear a bright summer color during the day for an event, just layer an SPF balm under your lipstick or buy one with an SPF already in there! Super easy!

Below I leave some of my favorite SPF products to protect your face and body from those lovely but harmful UV rays. Have fun in the sun!!!! ❤




(Photo credit: google/polyvore)

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