Kendra Thornton Style Challenge!

“Fashion Trends: Las Vegas
I need help immediately! For the past couple of months, I have been planning a trip to Las Vegas with some friends. As we count down the final couple of weeks before leaving, I keep staring at my suitcase. All of my clothes scream mom of three. You see my problem. My clothes need some updating before I leave to go to Vegas. I have created the Kendra Fashion Challenge to get some much needed help and fashion advice. I will be seeking some advice to put together some fashionable outfits to wear on my trip with a variety of activities in mind. In Vegas, there is plenty to do and see from the pure luck of the roulette wheel to a show of epic proportions. We have one special evening planned at one of the Las Vegas strips best hotels, the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.
For our special evening out at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, we are planning to have a fine dining experience to remember at the Prime Steakhouse. Celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten runs this elaborately and richly decorated steakhouse. The menu includes top of the line steaks, lamb, and seafood enhanced by a variety of delectable sauces. Each wine has been carefully selected to compliment the food being served. The décor features Tiffany blue to set off the rich chocolate browns designed by the acclaimed decorator, Michael DeSantis. Placed prominently around the restaurant are beautiful and original pieces of commissioned artwork, including a stunning water-themed canvas screen by artist Joseph Raffael. We have been talking and might decide to dine in the outdoor area that offers a little more serenity and intimate conversations. No matter if we are eating inside or outside, I am sure I will be dressed in the latest look after the Kendra Fashion Challenge.
With so many prospective activities, I turned to Gogobot to get some advice from other expert travelers who have made this same trip. Las Vegas is an adult playground where my friends and I can enjoy strolling the strip or taking in the music paced fountain show in front of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. I know with a little help I will enjoy my time in Las Vegas a lot more with an updated wardrobe that gives me a boost in confidence. A new look will help me feel my best and that will allow me to enjoy my time on vacation even more.”

-Kendra Thornton.

We had the honour of being approached by the lovely TV persnality, business woman and travel expert- Kendra Thornton! She gave us the opportunity to participate in her challenge which required us to create a style board with outfit ideas for her upcoming trip to the one and only “Sin City”- Vegas! Being a mom of 3 with a rocking’ bod, we wanted to put together something that would allow her to flaunt that, all while maintaining a classy sophisticated ensemble.

Thank You for the opportunity! We hope you like it!

xoxo, C&M


Kendra Thornton Challenge: A Night At The Bellagio!

For her evening at The Bellagio, we wanted to veer away from the typical party dress and opted for the all white jumper instead! A black and white ensemble with a red lip is a classic. We could have easily paired this with a black blazer, but… it is Sin City after all-  so why not spice up this elegant look and combine a little bit of the fun wild side with a fur jacket.

Kendra Thornton Challenge Day: Sunshine Stroll In Vegas!

Being in Vegas with the beautiful sunshine colour is a must! Playing with a little bit of print, pastel and bolds, Kendra is sure to feel comfortable yet trendy, and ready to take on a full day of memorable activities with her friends!



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