Ripped Denim & Heels!


Ripped jeans and heels have pretty much spammed all style/fashion blogs! You see it everywhere, from the casual spectrum all the way to dressy. To be quite honest, I’ve had a horrible time trying to find the right “boyfriend” jean… and despite this illusion- I’m still on the prowl! These right here are actually a super old regular ripped  pair that have been sitting in my closet which I honestly never thought I would wear again. Because they have a looser fit on the leg, with a loose shirt or a jacket layered on top, it allows me to “fake it t’il i make it!”  You may have the urge to throw certain things out when they are no longer trendy, but when needing to be a little more budget conscious, it’s always key to find ways to recycle! Granted, some things will never work again and need to go- don’t get me wrong lol, but many can definitely be re-worked to your favour!


When I first purchased this oversized coat, I didn’t realize how many purposes it would satisfy. I saw it as something I would wear on dressier occasions, but, I’ve come to realize I absolutely la- love it paired with casual wear. Picture this outfit with a pair of all white chucks; the coat adds a chic feminine appeal and the best part?!- You’re COMFY 🙂


You can’t possibly go wrong with a pointy nude heel, if you were only allowed ONE heel in your closet, this would be it! You can literally pair it with ANYTHING. Definitely a classic staple!

(Coat/Shirt: Aritzia, Jeans: Garage Clothing, Heels/Bag/Necklace: Aldo)


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