Street Chic


Ask anyone…. this comfy look is the rarest of looks for me. I’m extremely feminine with my looks, and I personally rather throw on a t shirt and jeans then track pants any day. However never say never, because you just never know when you’ll come around! I CAME AROUND! I’ve embraced the track pant and I’ll admit I LOVEEEEE IT!

These Acne Studio inspired slim fit track pants are a must in every girls comfy drawer. Forget those over sized track pants, those aren’t even camping worthy! Women are meant to be, look and feel sexy and these track pants definitely help emulate that even on your off days. These slim fit track pants hug the right spots, hide the less desired areas and best of all give your body an amazing silhouette while staying comfy.

You can find the ones I’m wearing at Sirens for $17 or check H&M, Asos and Adidas for similar styles.

Never was much of a fan of the sneaker wedge either! But once my sister brought these home, and styled them I actually began to enjoy them. Above all they are COMFORTABLE!!!! After putting this ensemble together I was sold and convinced on getting a pair. To my surprise these, along with many other sneaker wedges are on sale right now on at 50% off. Can’t wait to get my “numata” in the mail and style them!!!

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You.xoxo


IMG_1982 IMG_1978  IMG_1980    IMG_1975 IMG_1974Jacket: H&M/Tshirt: Etsy/Pants: Sirens/Hat,Bracelets,Sneakers: Aldo



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