Trench…for Spring!

With these cold and frigid Canadian winter days, the only thing I can think of is Springs arrival and with that said, this fashion post is a Spring inspiration. A few posts ago, I was seen wearing a trench coat, which left acouple people asking me where they could find a similar one. Specifically a friend of mine, Sam! Sam, as promised this post is for you 🙂 AND for all you ladies who find yourselves struggling during the Spring season to bring your ensembles together with a light weight coat.
It was in the 1850’s where Burberry’s iconic and classic khaki colored gabardine became a timeless design. We see this Parisian chic piece evolve through the years with leather appliques and studded detailing, however it still remains a heritage piece, even through fashions cycle of trends.
Leather jackets and denim jackets are great, I myself anticipate the Spring season so that I can put those two to use. However those two options can be limiting at times. A trench coat is an amazing pairing with any outfit, as seen below 5th option in, the model is wearing jeans a tee and finally her chic trench to finalize the look. Imagine pairing a trench with your favorite little black dress and a pair of black pumps. This coat is timeless and definitely a great investment piece.
Although the trench has been categorized as office outerwear or more so associated as menswear, within the last few years it has become a trending piece for the sophisticated and sultry female. Evoking confidence, style and class this iconic khaki colored gabardine will remain a cornerstone of outerwear until the end of time.
Below I leave you with some options both affordable and costly depending on your budget.
Happy shopping, and # us a picture of you in your trench!
xoxo Cindy
Trench...for Spring!


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