Fluffy Sweater!

IMG_1766  Sweaters are my staple winter must have, evidently! Where some worry about boots and coats I worry about having enough sweaters. This open fluffy sweater was on my want list for quite a while and 2 months ago I snagged it up on sale at H&M finally. Sometimes waiting is worth it!


I cant tell you how many times I’ve worn this already because I’ve lost count, that’s how much I love it. Not only is it a sweater but also a layering piece for my dressier ensembles as such. I paired it with this outfit acting as a blazer and essentially adding some texture to my outfit. I love playing with textures and prints right now so I had to add my army green pants which have an embossed snake print.

Fluffy sweaters can be a bit fashion risk for some of you, but trust me its so worth the risk! Their extremely warm, and look great with everything. Imagine a printed tee underneath with a pair of leather pants!!! Maybe that will be my next outfit for you on here. I want to emphasize, never judge or underestimate a piece “you don’t like” because ultimately It could be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. IMG_1762For those of you who have been eying a faux-fur coat and feel like it could be overbearing, try this fluffy sweater. It emits the feeling and look of fur but much more subtle. Also, great for the holidays over any dress or skirt ensemble.

Try it out and show us how you style a fluffy sweater!!!

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IMG_1759  IMG_1755  IMG_1753(Silk blouse/Fluffy sweater: H&M, Pants: Zara, Shoes/Clutch/Necklace: Aldo)


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