Sleek n’ Knits


HI GUYS!! My apologies x750238-184341 for being mia… I know it’s NO excuse but I have been consumed in school/school work, I hope you understand 😦 Good news is… IT’S OVER!!


I’m not one to rock super feminine looks, but I have been living in “jeans and a tee” for too long now and needed that feminine feel! Continuing with the fall/winter colours of my favs, white and burgundy, I mixed a super dressy cigarette white pant with a knitted. I must say it’s weird being able to rock white in winter and know that I dont look silly… but I LOVE IT 🙂 This coat is actually 2 years old from Zara, when the “grandpa” coats were first coming back, and now that it’s in full force I’m able to put this piece to use this winter!! 🙂 SIDENOTE: always always keep certain older purchases cause fashion/style runs in cycles.. and trust me that piece you own right now, that you’re iffy about…yeah that one, it’ll be back, and in!


Trust me when I say I’m not usually one to pick up pieces on the pricier end (i.e this sweater: aritzia $90) but there are certain items that you know will be versatile and timeless, and with quality that you won’t find elsewhere.. that is when it becomes acceptable in my eyes. With this one here, I know it wont age the way most cheaper sweaters do and so I justified it as a reasonable purchase. I felt a little guilty I won’t lie, but even after only owning it for 3 weeks, I’ve already put it to SO much use!





House of Harlow you ask?!…. No, no!! Forever 21, at a whopping 10 bucks!! :p

20131214_233447 20131214_233226 20131214_233432

(Coat: Zara, Sweater: Aritzia, Pants: Zara, Shoes&Purse: Aldo, Necklace: Forever 21)

I’ve missed you!!!!

Manuela 🙂


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