Shop your sisters Closet! :)

IMG_1683  There’s many pros to having a sister one being you have someone who loves you and always is there to listen, the list goes on of course but another bonus to having a sister is you have 2 CLOSETS rather than just one 😉 hahahaa!!!

My sister is often a great inspiration in my styling. She has a very different approach to her style which i really do envy. As many have probably noticed my style consists of many feminine pieces, very different from this ensemble right here. That is of course because grunge and street wear was really never my thing, however it definitely is my sisters, and more and more shes inspiring me to venture into her wardrobe and try new looks. All because I loveeeee how flawless and effortless this look is and how she can pull it off so well.

Therefore rather than spending, because I’m on a saving craze at the moment, I traveled across the hall into KELLY’S MALL! I found a variety of things I loved however these two pieces definitely stuck out! I’m overly obsessed with lions and this was one t-shirt I knew I had to create a look with. If my last couple of posts weren’t enough with the Tartan print (Click here: Tartan me up, and I love my boyfriend…JEANS!), I also had to add this pattern to the mix by old schooling it and tieing it around my waist.

I Paired my favorite leather pants to roughen up the look. I also gave you two options with shoes, of course I wore the strappy heels but booties are a great pairing as well. There are so many other takes and approaches to this look, for example: adding a beanie, this would also help accessorize the ensemble. Finally add your coat over top and your out the door.


Cindy ❤

IMG_1690 IMG_1689 IMG_1688 IMG_1685 IMG_1686 IMG_1682  IMG_1684  IMG_1680  IMG_1677 IMG_1678(Plaid Shirt:Garage (old),Tshirt: Aritzia, Leather pants: H&M, Booties/bag: Aldo, Heels: Zara, Necklace: Forever21)

Photo credit: Kelly Henriques


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