How to wear white…..fall & winter edition!

How to wear white.....fall & winter edition!

NO WHITE AFTER LABOUR DAY?? HAHHAAA right!!! Don’t know who follows that “rule” but I sure don’t!
White along with black are two of the most seen trending colors this fall and winter. The monochromatic look has always been a safe bet, however this season not only have the runways reinforced this look but its seems to be a reoccurring trend that is here to stay!
I’ve provided you with some looks up top using other trends for the season, to help you style white and furthermore incorporate it into your wardrobe if you still haven’t. To the left we have a lovely blush pink sweater with a gem detailed colar. This sweater paired with white trousers or even white denim for the more casual ladies, is a great way to use white and the blush pink trend.
For the ladies who love a night on the town and whether rain, snow or shine, don’t care to wear short skirts and show those sexy legs, this look is for you. Narcisso Rodriguez SS14 collection is full of asymmetrical skirts so trust me , picking up an asymmetrical bottom whether skirt or skort is a great bet. You can substitute the white skort for a leather skirt or black skort and use over the knee socks to warm up the look if preferable, don’t forget to change up the lace up booties to something closed toe.
Parties are around the corner and whether it be a Christmas party or anything of that sort a white dress is always acceptable and magnificent. To season up a white dress aim for a bolder lip or a smokey eye or even use your accessories to tame it down from being a “only before labor day color”.
Don’t Follow trends as they are interpreted, make them your own! Always wear the clothes or the trend don’t let it wear you!
So far all of you lovely ladies that never stray from black and have been scrutinized in the past by your colorful wearing friends for your “goth” style wardrobes, don’t be surprised if their knocking on your door for some black inspiration.  Continue your loyal black and white shopping, your right on board the stylish train.

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