Leather Accents.

I really want to avoid saying I’m “obsessed with…” but truth is I have many obsessions… *sigh* leather accents/detailing on clothing being one of them! For me, it adds perfect detailing to simple pieces, which allow for versatility. Take this t-shirt for example, without the leather shoulders, all it is, is a basic army green tee. Add the leather sleeves, and it completely changes the look. The bottoms I have here are also leather detailed on the waistband and side pocket trim. Don’t shy away from combining both bottoms and tops with leather detailing as long as it is not overpowering. IMG_5491 IMG_7919 IMG_2433 IMG_9968.JPG

This Necklace! I walked into h&m and it was love at first sight. The rustic aspect of the mixed metal had me at hello! The Marc Jacobs below is an oldie but it was one of my best investments. I’ve had ridiculous use of it as it goes with EVERYTHING and is my go-to for a night out. A cool feature of this one is that you can turn it into a clutch by removing the strap. 2 in 1- SOLD 🙂



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