Aldo Yorkdale A-list Event


We would like to start off by thanking everyone that attended this event and took part in making it so successful. It meant the world to us to have followers, friends, family and fellow bloggers there!! You guys truly made this event and we can’t seem to thank you enough for all the support, kind words and above all believing in us! WE LOVE YOU!!!

The A-list event, is a shopping party dedicated to the loyal customers of Aldo who continuously support the brand and take part of the companies success. Customers are treated to an evening of personal one-on-one shopping with the lovely sales team, joined by US to help with any styling needs. Guests get treated like ultimate A-lister’s at the event by having food supplied, a DJ for the evening and a thank you goodie bag! This is definitely a shopping party no one wants to miss. However as if that wasn’t already enough the cherry on top of the cake…. Aldo provides all guests with a generous discount as a thank you!

The event was a success and it turned out exactly as planned. The environment was amazing thanks to the energetic and friendly staff at Aldo Yorkdale accompanied by Dj Dirty Dale’s sound blasting jams, the guest’s were happy and ready for a night of shopping while sipping on their mock-tail’s and nibbling on the yummy appetizers. It wouldn’t be the same without a photo op session provided by the amazing photographer Max Kopanygin, which we cant thank enough for capturing the event perfectly with his lens! The cherry on top of the cake was meeting and co-hosting the event with the ever so stylish Nelia Belkova from the “Style blog”.

To add some more excitement to the mix, every half hour we were giving away gift cards so that our guests could use an extra discount towards their purchases of the evening asides from the very generous discount % they were already given. Looking at some of the pictures below you can see some of the many happy customers that won gift cards that evening!

A big shout out to ALDO for choosing us to be the hosts for the evening. It truly meant the world to us. Being able to interact with our followers was an amazing experience and this event was definitely the perfect opportunity.

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