Layer up!


Layering up is KEY in fall. Don’t think that you have to put away your summer clothes, cause you don’t! This dress is Aritzia’s summer jersey dress, I simply used my denim button up and biker jacket on top to stay warm and “fall-i-fy” this item! Using accessories to layer will also add the necessary detailing, to avoid a “plain” look. Dresses don’t have to be considered dressy, mix skirts and dresses with edgier pieces i.e a combat boot or how i’ve put it together here, and your set for a casual stroll!


Nylons, sweaters, and winter accessories will be your must-haves to make those summer pieces useful all year round. Do try pairing your shorts and skirts with this winter’s popular knitted sweaters, a collard shirt underneath etc. Remember, in winter it’s the exterior detailing that people see most, so pay more attention to what’s on the outside vs. what’s underneath.

IMG_9752 IMG_9785 IMG_9793


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