OUR FIRST FASHION VIDEO IS UP!!! After endless waiting…. you can all get to know us on a more personal level!  I (Cindy) do apologize for my goofyness lol however thats just me! Also i tend to use my hands ALOT when speaking, might be my nerves taking over, could be that I’m european, or could be that I do that on the regular lol… but looks to me like I should be gearing a plane!! 😉

We were so excited to film this video and get to interact with all of you and finally show off the personalities behind STYLDBYTWO.

We’re a bit rusty and still getting used to talking into a camera however, with time and lots of practice I’m positive we’ll become pros , possibly the next youtube sensation lol.. just kidding :P! Like stated in the video we won’t be doing many of these, just one ever so often, so we can connect with all our followers on a more personal level. It was a great experience and extremely fun! We hope you all enjoy! Please leave comments and any feedback, constructive criticism is always accepted, this way we can assure a better video in the future.

Now I leave you with our first fashion video……… ENJOY!!!!

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Video Credit: Kelly Henriques



  1. Cute video guys!! Manuela, where did you find those leather pants? Been looking for a comfortable pair but haven’t found the right ones. Also Cindy… Your vest!! Love! Where is it from?

    1. Thank You!:) I got the leather pants at Zara in the summer! There were a lot of zipper issues with most of the ones we saw, I wouldn’t give up on them though and searched high and low until I finally found a good pair! They are everywhere now, so shouldn’t be too hard to come across a pair, I know H&M and Zara still have a couple styles, however I don’t think they’re full leather, they’re combined, but if you have one near you def check it out they’re totally worth it!!

  2. Hi ladies,

    Thanks for the informative video on this year’s fall trends, and more importantly on how to style them appropriately! Can’t make it out to the event this week, but I hope it will be very successful for you both!

    All the best,

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