Zebra’s and Bl!ng

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Dont know what to get me for Christmas? Get me a blouse! I seriously feel that my outfits constantly involve a blouse and looking back they really do most of the time! I saw this blouse for the first time on one of my fave designers Rebecca Minkoff and ironically i had already ordered it from Zara online during the summer even before i saw it on her. Once i saw it on her i knew it was a good purchase, considering she had worn it already a dozen of times and every single time it was re-vamped and looked ever more stunning then the last.  Unfortunately it is no longer available however zebra print is still a craze and its found in endless retailers collections. If you like the items you see on us and cant seem to find them or want a more accessible find, let us know in the comments below so we can begin to link similar pieces on our blog to facilitate your shopping.

Now that fall has arrived, or at least the weather as of late has showed signs of its arrival, i can finally wear my leather pants!! These pants are perffeectttt for the fall/winter season, lightly lined to keep you warm, zipper and button fastening acting as a jean so that you can also tuck in your shirts, stretchy so you can definitely use these when going out for dinner 😉 hahaha! and most importantly stylish!! So far they’ve been my go to pant, and for this look i opted to wear them as tights.
I didn’t want to over do the look by tucking the shirt in, or even take away from the amazing pattern on the shirt.

My necklace is a current faveeee!!! I swear to you J crew never fails with their accessories however they do with their prices. I’m all about quality over quantity however costume jewelry is costume jewelry and i can’t bare to pay a lot for something  i know will tarnish eventually. none the less, being experienced with J crew jewelery i have to admit their stuff is outstanding quality and it is true what they say “you get what you pay for”. Anyways….. the point of my story is i couldn’t be happier about this necklace and its been my go to accessory every day!!! Just like accessories can change an outfit, vice versa. Although i wear this almost every day, i wear it with completely different outfits altering the look and versatility of the necklace. Pair it with a printed t shirt and you have an edgier flare, pair it with a dress like i did to a wedding last Saturday it automatically becomes a classy statement to any simple dress. Please wear your clothing/accessories and don’t let it wear you!!!



image (2)

Blazer: Forever21/ Shirt: Zara/ Leather pants: H&M/ Shoes: Zara/ Necklace: Jcrew/ Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

Photo Credits: Kelly Henriques


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