Polka polka DOT!

I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m the biggest fan of print. Be prepared this fall season for endless patterns and prints and the mixing of them in the same ensemble too. Ill start the print incorporation process slowly however i will be showing you how to use different patterns and prints together because although you might not think it’ll look good… it actually looks amazing.

Last week i was fortunate enough to be part of the Joe Fresh Launch on Queen Street. and unfortunately i lost all my pictures and video footage for that day 😦 reason being there was no event post for that, i do apologize. Briefly, the event was filled with a live DJ providing great music, a variety of amazing appetizers and drinks and of course a wonderful selection of merchandise fresh off the runway with a generous discount. How could i pass up buying a couple fall pieces for my wardrobe! (PS: i will be posting a video on the blog and YouTube shortly on my fall fashion picks, it just takes a lot more work then i imagined! props to YouTube gurus out there).

I picked up this silk blouse from Joe Fresh, and as I’m sure you can all tell i love me my blouses. I love skater skirts and just because summer is over (or not… its 23 degrees today), doesn’t mean you have to store those away yet. Skirts can be worn all season long just add pantyhose beneath and your set, or if your like me go bare!

image[2] (2)image[3] (2)  image[4] (2)image[1] (2)

I’ve been on the hunt for a statement necklace and usually I’m and impulse buyer, i buy it and then later come across something i love more which i get upset and mad over after, so thankfully I’ve gone through some personal therapy lol and resisted certain things so that i could find the ideal piece and not settle. NEVER SETTLE…. always wait until you find exactly what your looking for … take it from me… I’ve come to regret purchases because when i want something i cant wait to have it…. then i end up finding something i preferred more!  J crew is renowned for their jewelry, they are definitely all irresistible pieces, and every time i go in there i manage to pull myself away and leave without a single accessory, mostly because of the cost, however this time i couldn’t resist. It’s and investment piece exactly what i was looking for and just a little over 40$. Which means i could probably have bought 3 necklaces for that price… but less is more and I’ve always been a preacher of quality over quantity.

jimage (2)



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