Catwalk at Michael Kors by David Shankbone, Ne...

Catwalk at Michael Kors by David Shankbone, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As most of you might know, New York Fashion week just passed and as always fashion enthusiasts filled the runway spaces with intrigue and anticipation awaiting to see what each designer had in store for the Spring 2014 Season. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year, however that didn’t keep me from taking part in each show, whether I attended virtually through live cam or within minutes of the show ending catching up on tweets and blogger reviews, i was there! Next year i will be there to take part in all the glory most certainly!


Michael Kors and Proenza were similar in some aspects with the flowy pants/skirts playing with femininity while still keeping the silhouettes very modern and appealing.  I found Michael Kors took a 40s twist on his collection inspiring the boho chic flair. I admire designers like Michael and Proenza for their travel in time approach, taking fashion back into the 40’s and 70’s. Narciso Rodriguez brought out the young silhouettes and youthful lengths with short geometric skirts. This was definitely a fave of mine!


There were so many other collections that I loved however these were definitely my top! Please go check out the collections and leave me a comment letting me know who you loved and why, Id love to hear from you guys! Check on youtube for your NYFW video reviews and your latest runway reviews from London Fashion Week.


I leave you some videos of my top favorite collections. These designers used captivating silhouettes, textures and geometric constructions for their collections and I think I speak for all admirers of these designers;  they were outstanding pieces and designs that I just wish I could get my hands on with small touches in their pieces.

With that said… bring on Toronto Fashion Week!!! We’ll be there will you?? Come out and support our Canadian Designers they are impeccably creative and talented! See you then!






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