Gold plated belt!


This belt was a great find at H&M this summer for a whopping 19$. ASOS had a beautiful one i was eying  however i can’t justify 30$ something on a belt, at least not a gold plated one. Never the less i found this one and could not walk away with out it. Incorporating into outfits can be quite a challenge, only due to the fact that I’ve become accustomed to wearing thinner belts around my waist and this one has a thicker waist band.


This navy blue chiffon skater skirt is a great piece for anyone’s closet. Paired with a blouse like I’m wearing demonstrates how dressy it can be, or paired with a cotton tank top or v neck and a pair of flats its a perfect casual ensemble.


(Skirt: Forever21/ Shirt-Belt-Clutch: H&M/ Shoes:Zara/ Earrings: Topshop)



Photo Credits: Kelly Henriques


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