A couple weeks ago, we headed to Montreal to visit our good friend Shayna. However that wasn’t all we were headed there to do…. We were invited to the Aldo Group Head Office, where i can officially say its true what they say this is where all the magic happens! We were honored and taken back by this out reach and couldn’t believe we were headed into one of the biggest and international Shoe Companies Head Office.


We were lucky enough to have a complete tour around the building by the lovely Marla,  i do advise it was quite a work out! The atmosphere and decor is captivating from the minute you walk in the door, and the endless smiles and welcoming staff that we encountered down the halls were so pleasant.

Big question on everyone’s mind?? Did we meet Mr. Aldo himself? haha… unfortunately not, however we did meet numerous amounts of team members from different departments. The marketing and creative team are genius and we were fortunate enough to get a scoop on what they’re working on for the upcoming season and where they get they’re creative outlets and inspirations from. We also got to meet the buying team and the enthusiastic visual team!


I do have to say Aldo is a huge corporation with many great women and men behind it, and witnessing first hand all the work that goes into producing even the smallest thing involved in the company, has given me a new outlook and new found respect for the company as a whole.

This was every shoe enthusiasts dream! We also had the opportunity to walk into the show rooms for both Aldo and Springs Fall Collection. Now this was a jaw dropper, I felt my money floating out of my pockets just walking there, as i was already lusting over numerous things before even setting my body completely in the door.

We were incredibly lucky to have met so many people that make this company what it is and we thank everyone who made that day so special  and took their time to show us around talk to us about their departments and job duties ,especially Marla!

Thank you !!

image (2)   image[1] (2)  image[2] (2)image[1]image[5]  image[4]  image[4] (2)

The rest of our weekend couldn’t be better, like true tourists we toured Montreal snapping pictures at almost everything. I love how much this city is inspired by Europe, reminds me of home. Of course Montreal night life was experienced and it was probably one of the best girls nights we’ve had! The restaurants and food in this city are incredible especially the little pizzeria we went to one night…. AMAAZINGG!!  Below are some of our pictures, i hope you enjoy!

image[2] (3)image (3)

image[4] (3)image[3] (2)image[3] (3)     image[1] (3)image[5] (2)  image[6]



  1. putting some style in to Montreal!! Gorgeous as always Cindy ….. and yes, still a world class shoe-aholic! Quite sad that Mr Aldo missed his opportunity to meet you …. after all I am sure YOU are the one that has led him too good wealth!! xo!

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