Blue suede shoes


Blue suede shoes are such a statement and bold shoe in any woman’s closet. Although intimidating and possibly not the most versatile pair to own, just like a red heel, a girl should also have a blue pair. Electric blue heels have been all the craze within the 5 years i would round off, and designers have taken advantage of the high demand, hence their continuously in the market.

This all white outfit could be worn with neutral pumps, which i also would have worn, however i needed a reason to bring these babies out of the closet and this was definitely a perfect ensemble for that.


Its summer time and white pants are a great addition to your summer wardrobe. I got my skinnies at GAP last year and let me tell you they have been my go to denim in the summer. Super light and both casual and evening wearable, these pants give me the chance to be comfortable and transitional.


Paired with a sheer combination t shirt, i was ready for the office and could easily transition this outfit into night time as well. Add a fabulous clutch and i would be cocktails and martini ready for a girls night. Sometimes its the most basic things that can make an impeccable outfit.

image[3] image[5]image[2]image[4]

Shoes: Zara/ Pants: Gap/ Shirt-Braceletes: Forever21/ Necklace: Aldo/ Belt: Mango


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