Back to Basics


Apparently I’ve moved to the UK and I didn’t even know it! Rain galore! It’s harder to feel creative and bright with your wardrobe when you know you’re going to be trudging through puddles, and possibly get splashed by that one bus that will drive right by you, way too close and at an unnecessary speed and well… ruin it all. So, back to basics it was for me today. I knew with this maxi skirt I could achieve the appropriate trendy work ootd that I needed without any real thought process. Maxi’s are a real LIFE SAVER when it comes to days like this, or days when you really just wanna throw something on- yet look effortlessly put together. All you gotta do is grab that maxi of yours, a shirt of choice (loose, fitted, girly, edgy.. etc) and… VOILA.


Play it up or down by your choice of accessories. Today for me, it was about plain, basic- yet, bold pieces that added that extra umph to pull this look together.

IMG_5263 IMG_0128(ie, the knuckle rings added just enough detail to tie into this look. Little things as such can really make a difference.)


(Shirt: H&M, Skirt: store on queen $10!!!!, Earrings: Aldo, Cuff and Purse: Forever 21)


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