Leopard Love

IMG_4152 IMG_7351

Yesterday’s work OOTD! Between my phone case that never changes and those pants… can you tell I enjoy leopard?! To be completely honest I was having one of those “bursting closet, yet NOTHING to wear moment” like an outfit-block if you will. So I threw those bottoms on with a white tank and I was headed out the door with a repeat outfit, when for some reason I ended up grabbing my denim vest- and thank goodness I did! I ended up liking this ensemble much more with it. Point is- realistically who ISN’T repeating outfits?! I haven’t won the lottery yet, once I do- we can discuss otherwise :p ! The trick is to just switch it up. Add or take away certain details/ accessories and you can rejuvenate an old look!

IMG_8691 IMG_4260 IMG_2674

(Tank: H&M, Denim Vest: Garage Clothing, Pants: Forever 21, Shoes and Accessories: Aldo)


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