Electric Pink!

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Neon colors can be very intimidating and unquestionably hard to incorporate into an ensemble at times. Never the less, although very bright and a definite pop of color in any look, neon is great to add simply as an accessory. I love brights thus i opted for a statement shirt, this can easily be substituted for a neon necklace or purse and play down the top. Being that this outfit was for a dinner event, the black high waisted shorts helped tame the look and categorize it more as a casual evening outfit. Pair a neon shirt with white pants and you have a great burst of brights for the summer time; White always helps enhance brights even more.


This necklace has become my favorite accessory for the season and i am eager to showcase this piece in more ootd’s to demonstrate how versatile it is. Never underestimate a statement necklace, they can be used in so many more ways then just your evening outfit, pair it with a graphic tee or even a basic tank and BAM! you spruced up your outfit with one simple touch! I love gem necklaces and the more glitzy it is the better…. you don’t need to be wearing a ballgown to wear great neck pieces, try them out with your daily wardrobe!

image(3) image(1)

(Shirt: H&M, Shorts:Forever21, Necklace: Aldo, Braceletes: H&M/Forever21, Purse: Target, Shoes: MKors)

Photo Credits: Kelly Henriques



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