Biker Chic!


(Jacket: H&M, Graphic Muscle Shirt& Denim: Zara, Accessories: Aldo)


I just wanted to do a quick & simple #ootd. It’s a late post but I thought I would share it with you anyway! A quick mall rendez-vous with a friend on the weekend calls for girly meets edge. I’ve been playing around with some more casual looks lately and that was the idea here. The biker jacket and big chain necklace had the roughness I wanted and the hot pink lips and dainty arm/hand candy added that subtle girly touch. Playing around with certain pieces is one thing I love to do. Seeing as my style very much fluctuates from  rough, edgy, casual to feminine, dressy, classy- strongly adapting to my mood, how I chose to style/pair a certain item can begin at one end of the spectrum and end at the other. I strongly enjoy elements of the unexpected, so you will find I incorporate that into my outfits.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again- YOU wear the clothes, they don’t wear you. So just because an item seems to be more “girly” or more “edgy” doesn’t necessarily mean thats how/the only way you have to style it. Have FUN with your clothes and try something… unexpected 🙂

-Be Bold, Be You<3


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