Back to the 80’s!

Denim is a big essential in anyones closet, and by that i mean a really good denim jean preferably a dark pair! CHECK! I got that. Now another essential has to be a chambray denim shirt… and guess what CHECK! I also got one. Denim is possibly one of the easiest and most versatile materials and pieces around. I like to invest in a pair of good quality denim, thats a must! However as for the chambray shirt H&M has various ones that are perfect for us budget conscious shoppers and no more then $30.00.


This look is perfect for those days you want to be trendy but yet stay basic. Denim on Denim was a huge trend in the 80’s and just like history… fashion always repeats itself. Hence high waisted denim Levis shorts with the ever famous sweater around the waist… it’s all coming back. Now just because something is trending doesn’t mean you must rush out and buy it! NEVER DO THAT! Although we want to remain stylish and in trend you have to be smart about which pieces your buying and “investing” in even if its only 15$ for that shirt or that skirt.

Denim on Denim is easy to achieve…. grab your fave pair of denim and then grab either a denim shirt always a shade off from your bottoms, or even a jean vest or jacket! Top it off with a chunky statement necklace like i did… orrrrrr use a leathery belt with a vintage or modern touch to complete the look. Honestly the easiest and quickest outfit to put together and you’ll have heads turning!



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