Army Gal!

image(4)image(1)(Shirt/Necklace: Forever21,Pants/Leather Jacket: H&M, Shoes/Purse/Belt: Zara)

image(5)Due to the lack of sunshine and summer weather here in Toronto 😦 i keep turning to my comfy $19.95 H&M pants. I have these babies in a couple of colors and i can definitely say they are my go to pants this spring/summer. I love their length and cut, and most of all their fit!!!! They fit like a glove 🙂 .. so its no question that on Saturday night i had to pair these with my fave shirt at the moment. This shirt not only is my fave but its the trend im loving this season. I cant begin to describe my obsession with all things leather, and when i found this shirt at forever21 for a whopping $16 i knew it was coming home with me and joining the family (HEHEHEEEE)! Army green has been all the craze this past year and it continues to be without a doubt. The leather sleeves sold me and paired with these orange pumps i knew it was the ideal outfit for a night out with my lovely boyfriend.

The best part about STYLE… is its your own and you dont have to follow whats on the runway. Turn to designers for inspiration and from there make it your own and transform pieces or colors and make them trend according to how you would wear them or style them. Hence your probably thinking army green should be stowed away for the summer its a stark color, however you can “up the amp” on any outfit using army green by adding accents and brights. I think my accessories and orange pumps prove this point exactly. Use whats in your closet already and dont be afraid to use last seasons pieces or colors.


Photo Credits: Kelly Henriques


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