Birthday Cake Cake!

                           Birthday Cake Cake!

Let the celebrations begin!! Everyone always scavenges to find “the” birthday dress and this year I got lucky! a month prior I stumbled upon this two-toned, faux leather/fabric combo dress one day as Cindy and I were having one of our routine shopping dates:) The minute i slipped it on, i immediately knew I needed it. First off as a black and white colour scheme lover, secondly, not being able to get enough of leather/ fabric combos and last off, but most importantly, the GREAT price at 59.95(H&M CA). I REALLY wanted it but knew i didn’t NEED it so I was fighting to walk away, until… *cue lightbulbs* my birthday was coming up!! It was the perfect excuse to pick it up and welcome it to my wardrobe family!

I chose to keep it simple and pair it with all black suede pumps and a small black Marc Jacobs cross body/clutch. I accessorized with gold spikes on my wrist and neck and a bold red lip.

This dress could easily be personalized to your likes/favs by adding a statement coloured clutch or shoes!
Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You<3


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